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came to FL 11/25/07 just to work the winter.But by the time it was time to go back up north to antioch ill I had so much work I never did go back up north.on my 3rd year I got my own shop and things are going good.MASTER DETAILERS will help you bypass the disillusionment from the rest and get right to work showing you there skills that matter . MASTER DETAILERS uncovers the strategies we use and the pitfalls of others we avoided in developing of DETAILES. PASSION COMES AFTER YOU PUT IN THE HARD WORK TO BECOME EXCELLENT AT DETAILING NOT BEFORE. IN OTHER WORDS,WHAT YOU DO DETAILING IS MUCH LESS IMPORTANT THAN HOW YOU DO IT 239 878 0543 LEGITMATE BUSINESSES You always get what you pay for! Remember this, Once the sweet taste of a low price is forgotten, the bitterness of poor quality remains! The human elements of caring about the quality of your work, and having a true passion for the craft, is a mindset. This mindset is a way of thinking that is an unconscious reflex similar to breathing. By this we mean, just like none of us ever have to think about breathing because it's an automatic reflex that is a part of our physiology, for the craftsman, doing their very best work for every BOAT they touch is an unavoidable reflex... it's in their blood For myself, when I work on another person's boat/rv /car, I mentally adopt it as if it were my own. After making this intellectual commitment and emotional attachment towards both the vehicle and the owner of the vehicle, everything else, (the work to be performed), becomes second-nature, I simply treat their BOAT exactly like I would treat my own boat, because at some level, it is now my Master Detailers success is not a goal it's a by product . From hard work and alot of heart. .Master Detailers has been in cape coral for 4yrs now.CAPE CORAL BUSINESS LICENSED BT 10-64148 LIABILITY MUTUAL INSURANCE 2,000,000 01CI47833810 CALL CHARLIE 239 878 0543 FOR THE BEST DETAIL IN TOWN Protection Beyond Need, Shine Beyond Reason The Mindset of a Professional Detailer

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Master Detailers Where Confidence...thrives on honesty, on honor, on the sacredness of obligations, on faithful protection and on unselfish performance. Wit...

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